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MS Teams Cookie List

MS Teams Cookie List

Microsoft Teams

During COVID, you may have found yourself in a mode where you need to use Microsoft Teams more. Or, you may be in a situation where you have to share a machine so you have utilized Microsoft Edge’s profiles and need to use the Teams web client. In Edge chromium, it appears that certain features of the web client won’t work based on its aggressive cookie blocking. There are a number of cookies to add to make the experience work.

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You can click the above icon in MS Edge, navigate over to the Blocked tab and allowed the cookies there. You can also go to the Site Permissions -> Cookies tab (edge://settings/content/cookies). From there, you want to add the following items to the Allow list:

  • [*.]live.com
  • [*.]online.lync.com
  • [*.]online.lync.com
  • [*.]microsoft.com
  • [*.]microsoftonline.com
  • [*.]outlook.office365.com
  • [*.]onenote.com
  • [*.]skype.com
  • [*.]account.activedirectory.windowsazure.com
  • [*.]amcdn.msftauth.net
  • [*.]office.net

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