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About me

My name is Mike and I’ve been in IT since 2004. I got my start working a help desk at a university and clawed my way into sysadmin work. I...

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VHD Size Report Per CSV

One of the issues with CSVs is that there isn’t a great way to view what’s on them in a GUI. One would think that VMM would be able to...

VM Uptime Check

I find one of the most annoying features of Hyper-V is that the uptime counter for a VM is essentially worthless. The counter does reset when a machine reboots, but...

CSV Email Report

One of the things that Hyper-V and VMM don’t give in the GUI sense is a report of CSV usage. I imagine you can get there with SCOM but it...

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SharePoint Designer - Server-side activities - Workflow

I was trying to write a workflow for SharePoint Online in Designer when I came across the following error:

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Google Analytics WordPress Header Plugin - DIY

You may want to place a banner ad across the top of your WordPress site. The easiest way to do this that will not get overwritten by an update to...

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AWS Static IP Address

EC2 and IP Addresses

AWS Static MAC

There are times when you want to run a workload on an EC2 instace in AWS and there is licensing that is tied to the hardware (MAC or IP Address...

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Relaunch 2019

Hello there!

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Azure Usage Survey

Azure Usage Survey

Azure APIM Backup HowTo

Why Backup Azure API Management

Backup Azure API Management

You may be deploying your Azure API Management service via Azure DevOps, giving you the ability to redeploy at a moment’s notice. You may have the ability to bring it...

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AWS Static IP Address

EC2 and IP Addresses

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MS Teams Cookie List

Microsoft Teams