miked Working the technologies in local government.

About me

About me

My name is Mike and I’ve been in IT since 2004. I got my start working a help desk at a university and clawed my way into sysadmin work. I had been passionate about it for a while and turns out I had an aptitude for it.

I worked at that university until 2011 when I jumped ship to work for local government IT. It was quite a change. Compared to a small private college, it seemed like a behemoth. But, with the same pluck and determination, I studied and scrapped and worked my way into the SME in for a number of technologies. A year and a half ago, I became a Solutions Architect for this local government help to set the strategy and drive standards for our on prem compute environment and the cloud.

This blog is to provide you with some scripts, strategies, and insights into my process. I hope to learn about along the way from you as well.

Thanks for joining me in the journey!

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